Different types of Iranian Caviar


The name caviar comes from the Persian word ...(Khag-avar) which means "the roe-generator".
This name in Persian is actually used to denote the sturgeon itself and its product,  caviar is an
animal product and not considered to be
vegetarian for this reason. However there is a soy based caviar that is vegetarian on the market.


Caviar is the processed, salted roe of various species of fish, most notably sturgeon.
It is commercially marketed throughout the world as a delicacy and is eaten principally as a garnish or spread, as with
hors d'oeuvres.
Today the best caviar comes from sturgeon fished from the
Caspian Sea by Iranian and Russian fishermen
 Some of the highest prices are paid for Beluga,
Ossetra, and Sevruga varieties (note that the large-grained
Beluga caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon and has nothing to do with the Beluga whale).
Dwindling yields due to
overfishing and pollution have resulted in less costly alternatives, processed from the roe of whitefish and North Atlantic salmon, becoming popular.
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Weight: 70-100 kg largest Sturgeon and only predator among other sturgeons.
Proportion of caviar: 15-20%
Length: 2-2.5 m
Life expectancy: up to 100 years
Quality: dark to light grey, lighter ones are better
Beluga Caviar: Native to the Caspian Sea, Beluga is the largest sturgeon, which produces the largest and most fragile grains.
Taking twenty years for the female Beluga to mature, weighing up to a ton, which can be
up to fifteen feet long Beluga produces the world’s most expensive caviar.
This pearl gray delicacy provides a smooth, mildly sweet flavor of delicate hazelnut




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Weight: 18-20 kg
Proportion of caviar: 25-30%
Length: 1500-1800 mm
Life expectancy: up to 55 years
Quality: dark to light brown-golden, very delicious

Osetra Caviar: Native to the Caspian Sea, Osetra is usually the best quality, which is available
Taking up to fifteen years for the female Osetra to mature, weighing up to 500 lbs
which can be up to six feet in length, Osetra produces an even roe, which has a golden hue
 Its strong nutty flavor of the deep sea provides a mild taste


Weight: 10-12 kg
Proportion of caviar: 25-30%
Length: 1000-1500 mm
Life expectancy: up to 30 years
Quality: dark gray, popular and delicious
Sevruga Caviar: native to the cold depths of the Caspian Sea, Sevruga is the smallest and most prolific caviar.
Taking seven years for the female Sevruga to mature, weighing no more than 200 lbs.,
Sevruga produces caviar, which is dark gray or black in color and provides a strong taste of a mildly fruity flavor

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